About Me!


Hey thanks from reading my blog, I hope you would find it an encouragement, send me a message and tell me what you think it would be great to hear from you. Let me introduce myself, hi I’m Nathanael, I’m 17 years old, for 12 years now I’ve been a christian and I live in the U.K. I look for the truth in everything I hear and everything I read whether that means staying up till 5am to find the answer to a question (done this a few times lol) then I will do so. My energy comes from my positivity, which is my secret to surviving on little sleep.

I love spending time around other Christians, I always say you could be in the same room as a group of Christians say no words and feel encouraged just by each others presence. So why the blog?? It’s because I want to be part of God’s plan to encourage other Christians such as you, so I hope you would follow me on here so you could read my future posts and we could use this as a journey together. Thanks!!